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In Little Finlandia, responsibility and sustainable development are not just words on a paper. For us, they are the cornerstones and concrete deeds for a better tomorrow. Whether it’s an ordinary meeting event or a big party, everything that we do is certified as committed to responsible goals – environmental, societal, economical and with people’s wellbeing in mind.

Cornestones of our responsibility

Cornestones of our responsibility

The commitment of Finlandia Hall supports the Finnish Commitment 2050 and contributes to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 action program. Finlandia Hall’s commitment includes the entire Finlandia House with its partners.

Finlandia-talo Oy meets the requirements of the following management system standard:

ISO 14001:2015

Our ERP system guides the ventilation, heating and cooling of our facilities. We have CO2 free water electricity. We save in our water consumption.

We sort and recycle waste efficiently. We guide our customers in sorting. We regularly monitor and measure our waste types. We also recycle porcelain for reuse.

Our management system is certified according to ISO 14001 quality audit. Our business is guided by the set goals and our company’s good governance. We follow ISO certified processes, operating methods and our virtues.

Finlandia Hall has been the city of Helsinki’s climate partner since 2019. We reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We use eco-labelled products.

Finlandia Hall has steps for emission reduction deductions in accordance with the city of Helsinki’s Carbon free Helsinki 2035 guidelines.

Finlandia Hall invests in energy efficiency, increasing use of renewable energy, waste reduction and low-emission carbon neutrality to achieve the goal.


Little Finlandia is a #ThinkSustainably venue. Finlandia Cafe&Wine also meets the #ThinkSustainably criterias.

Our staff is professional experts. We collect actively feedback from our customers to ensure the quality of our operations. We regularly monitor the feedback received and take the necessary corrective measures. We have an immediate praise and compensation model for our customers for customer feedback and quality control situations.

The same quality control criteria are also binding on our entire service chain. We commit our key partners to comply with our quality criteria. We maintain continuous dialogue and development work in matters of responsibility and sustainable development.

Together with our staff, we have defined the value base of our joint activities, which we implement in our daily activities through the common virtues of the work community.

The Finlandia Restaurant joined the #TasteLuomu– program in 2015 and is still on the fifth organic stair of the program. Finlandia restaurant has reached *** in Luomua-Restaurant program.

Our responsibility partners


Finlandia Hall’s operating systems are certified according to the ISO 9001 quality system and the ISO 14001 environmental system. Their guidelines are followed in procurement and operations.


Finlandia Hall has made a social commitment to sustainable development in accordance with the goals of Agenda 2030:

  • We measure the carbon footprint of the climate meeting
  • We reduce the amount of biowaste/visited customer/year


We have joined the Climate Partners of the City of Helsinki. The purpose of the network is to draw attention to curbing climate change and implementing a circular economy in the everyday operations of companies.


Finlandia Hall is involved in saving the Baltic Sea and its heritage for future generations. Finlandia Hall wants to be involved in implementing effective and concrete measures to protect the Baltic Sea and has agreed on cooperation with the John Nurminen Foundation. In the foundation’s projects, the state of the Baltic Sea is improved with concrete actions that reduce the load on the sea and environmental risks. The collaboration between Finlandia Hall and the John Nurminen Foundation includes, for example, Organizing Baltic Sea Speaks events and Baltic Sea Day celebrations in Little Finlandia.


We are involved in Think Sustainably service, which helps city dwellers and visitors to Helsinki to choose more sustainable restaurants, visits, brick and mortar shops, accommodation and events.
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The Finlandia Restaurant joined the #TasteLuomu– program in 2015 and is still on the fifth organic stair of the program. Finlandia restaurant has reached *** in Luomua-Restaurant program.

Sustainable Travel Finland

Business Finland has awarded Finlandia Hall the Sustainable Travel Finland STF mark. The Sustainable Travel Finland label is a recognition of commitment and long-term work for sustainable development and responsible operations.

Design District

Finlandia Hall is in cooperation with Design District for Finnish design, responsible shopping and urban culture

Selections from our responsible actions for tomorrow

1.Solar panels provide us with environmentally friendly electricity.
2.We organize the annual Cleaning Day at Töölönlahti
3.We renovated the old Alvar Aalto furniture for new use.
4.Our broken dishes do not go into the trash, we reuse them to make new ones.