We host nearly a thousand events a year with quarter of a million visitors. The modern technology, impeccable service, prestigious setting and beautiful surroundings make Finlandia Hall one of Europe’s leading conference facilities. European royalty, statesmen and religious leaders like Dalai Lama and Pope John Paul II have walked along Finlandia Hall’s corridors. As a concert venue, Finlandia Hall has hosted events from different genres, with names from ABBA to Frank Zappa, Chuck Berry and Björk.


“I am London-based, and needed to find a venue for an event we were hosting in Helsinki. I carried out desk-top research (google searches) for potential venue spaces and found among many Finlandia Hall to be a possible option. I then visited Finlandia Hall in March 2019 to look at a selection of venues across Helsinki and found Finlandia Hall to be the very best option. It did not disappoint – an excellent venue with a fantastic team of hard working staff who were wonderful to work with.

Essi Leivo was my main contact point for all planning and organising for our event at Finlandia Hall, and I must say how excellent Essi has been to work with. I work with a lot of venues all over the world (to deliver our radio debate series) and Essi has been the most efficient and helpful contact I’ve ever had the pleasure to liaise with. I cannot fault the planning, shaping and delivering of our event thanks to Essi’s vigilance – it’s much appreciated.”

Elizabeth Bracegirdle

Finlandia Hall offered congress an outstanding athmosphere, great logistics, wonderful location and stunning natural light in multipurpose room for lectures, exhibition, luncheons and social interaction. Altogether 450 people from 35 countries and 45 exhibitors participated in the congress. The interactive forum abd the social program enabled participants to make friends and establish important connentions with colleagues in the field of clinical chemistry sharing the scientific program.

Aila Raudasoja, Managing Director, CongCreator CC

Over a thousand vascular biologists came to sunny Helsinki to attend the International Vascular Biology Meeting (IVBM2018) in June 3-7, 2018. The IVBM2018 brought together investigators from all fields of vascular biology for the exchange of new ideas and discussions of burning issues at Finlandia Hall. Presentations of the latest concepts and discoveries were provided by internationally recognized scientists and young stars of the future from all around the globe. The program consisted of plenary sessions, parallel symposia with nearly 90 invited speakers together with poster sessions, located adjacent to the symposium exhibition.

The IVBM2018 created an outstanding showcase of top-of-the level vascular biology research, and an opportunity to experience the Scandinavian culture, nature and cuisine. The meeting was held in Finlandia Hall, a masterpiece of Finnish architecture, located right in the center of Helsinki, buzzing with light and life. The conference participants could enjoy the Nordic white nights when the sun set only for a moment bringing out the magic in the city and its people. The period was also the best time for tasting of local and Nordic cuisine’s seasonal ingredients fresh from the nature.

“I want to warmly thank you for all your assistance and help before and during our event! Thank you for your patience, attention and willingness to help. The event went really successfully – on behalf of all Fiskars team, thank you so much for your great contribution into that!
Have a wonderful year and hopefully, will see you soon again!”

Polina Englund, Assistant, Cluster North-East
Fiskars Finland Oy Ab

Town Hall is CGI Finland’s annual event for personnel, or members, as we call them. We have altogether 3,700 members in 18 different locations, and once a year we all gather in one place to hear about how the company is doing and to learn from external speakers. Not to forget music, food and fun. This year we organized the event in Finlandia Hall and we had about 2,300 participants. The event and the program was spread in three floors; DJ and Karaoke, a house band, games and buffet.