The most fascinating cafe in town

Relax in the company of friends or colleagues and enjoy the unique atmosphere and breathtaking scenery. In the summer months, you can also enjoy the charming surroundings from our large terrace opening onto Töölönlahti. Come and enjoy a moment at the best place in town. Finlandia Cafe&Wine is wheelchair-accessible.

Table bookings for Lazy Saturday Brunch at +358 40 614 9573 (open from 9-16 on weekdays). We do not accept reservations for weekdays and during lunch times.

Welcome to the city’s new classic.

The most fascinating lunch in the city

On weekdays from 11-14, our cafe offers the soup of the day made from fresh ingredients, and a versatile salad table consisting of different salads and good sources of protein.

Soup & Salad Table €13.50. Includes water and bread, coffee/tea +€1

Monday 10.6.
Cauliflower summer soup (L,G)

Tuesday 11.6.
Roasted paprika soup (L,G)

Wednesday 12.6.
Gazpacho (L,G)

Thursday 13.6.
Thai flavoured sweet potato soup (L,G)

Friday 14.6.
Cream of corn soup (L,G)

Hottest afterwork in the city

After Work offers a bubbly atmosphere Mon-Fri from 16-18. A glass of champagne (12 cl) for the price of 8€.

Finlandia Cafe&Wine also offers Alvar, Finlandia house’s signature sparkling wine. Alvar sparkling wine is imported exclusively from the Alsace region of France, where it is made from the classic Chardonnay grape, which is also used in the production of champagne. Alvar is elegant and gently roasted, with ripe citrus and fine bubbles.

An experience that is the talk of the town

Finlandia Cafe&Wine Lazy Saturday brunches 11-15

Our weekends are enriched by a Lazy Saturday brunch, which is offered on Saturdays from 11-15. Brunch servings follow Finlandia restaurant’s wonderful food philosophy – mouth-watering flavors, domestic ingredients, naturalness, cleanliness and genuine sense of community. Our wonderful milieu and Finland’s four seasons inspire us to create unique taste experiences that change seasonally. We don’t just offer food, but memorable moments – for everyone.


The brunch consists of:

  • Greens; Delicious salads and seasonal vegetarian dishes and vegetable stews
  • Cheeses and cold cuts; Selection of domestic cheeses, cold cuts and side dishes
  • Fish of the month; Seafood dishes
  • Fresh porridge
  • Fruits, smoothies and juices
  • Bread and spread
  • Sweet surprises; small delicious desserts

Sparkling wine brunch €34 Juice brunch €29

Children 0-3 years old free

Children 4-12 years old half price

Alvar Sparkling Wine

Finlandia Cafe&Wine After Work offers a bubbly atmosphere Mon-Fri from 15-17. A glass of champagne (12 cl) for the price of eight euros. We also serve an assortment of sweet and savoury delicacies accompanied with drinks.

Cafe’s Delicacies

Finlandia Cafe&Wine offers an extensive selection of savoury and sweet seasonal flavors. We serve delicious sandwiches, rolls and pastries. Fragrantly fresh buns, fluffy croissants and attractive pastries can be enjoyed with our selection of coffee or tea.

Finlandia Cafe&Wine offers the best views of Töölönlahti bay in the city!

Finlandia Galleria

Finlandia Gallery is free and open for everyone. The entrance to the gallery is at the end of Töölönlahti, from the Finlandia Cafe&Wine terrace.

Finlandia Galleria’s changing exhibitions offer various art forms, from paintings to drawings and photographs. The exhibitions in themselves are a good reason to visit Finlandia Hall to enjoy the unique milieu and offer a refreshing experience to all visitors, cafe customers and architecture lovers. The organizer of the exhibition is responsible for the exhibited works. The works of some exhibitions are also available for purchase.