Finlandia Hall’s permanent exhibition opening beginning of summer 2025 takes visitors on an experiential journey into the diversity of architecture and creativity of Alvar Aalto, Aino Aalto and Elissa Aalto. Creativity is combined with humanity. People create structures, stories, events and unforgettable moments. Finlandia Hall is living in the time, without forgetting the importance of yesterday.

Finlandia Hall’s new exhibition complex is built from these elements. Premises that previously served e.g. as rehearsal spaces for symphony orchestras, transform into inspiring rooms. In each room, Aalto’s stories and encounters build a diverse picture of Finnishness and Finland.


  • Exhibition: Opens in June 2025
  • Exhibition space: 1300m2
  • Exhibition design: Taina Väisänen, Takt Oy
  • Script of the exhibition: Kirsti Manninen

Advisory Board

In the determined innovation and development of business, it is important to broaden the perspective with the help of top professionals in the field. Finlandia Hall Ltd. has established an Advisory Board to support the board of Directors in the renovation of Finlandia Hall and the design of new business functions, especially in the planning of exhibition concept.

Jukka Savolainen, CEO of Museum of Architecture and Design. Strong background with culture organizations, museums, development, foresight and leadership. He has long history and varied experience in international work, networks and different positions of trust. He is active chair and board member in various boards. He also acts as an advisor on international projects. He is passionate about change and visions for the future.

Maija Tanninen-Mattila is a seasoned museum professional and expert in visual arts. She has led institutions such as Helsinki Art Hall, Ateneum Art Museum, HAM Helsinki Art Museum, and Helsinki Biennial. Prior to these leadership roles, she served in various positions at the Helsinki City Art Museum since 1985, including curator and superintendent.

Tanninen-Mattila studied audience engagement in museums as a Fulbright scholar at George Washington University in Washington, DC and participated in the Getty Foundation’s Museum Leadership program in Claremont, California. Maija Tanninen-Mattila serves as a member of the board of the Finnish National Gallery.

Mirkku Kullberg, CEO of Paimio Sanatorium and Founder of Glasshouse Helsinki, is a cross-disciplinary thinker on business and cultural phenomena. She is a design executive with a strong track record in strategy processes, branding, consumer foresight, and restructuring management.

She holds the position of Chair for the Alvar Aalto Foundation and has served as a board member for Finnish and international companies across different sectors. Her past experience includes roles as the CEO of the iconic Finnish furniture company Artek, Creative Director for Hotel St. George, Head of the Home Department at Swiss company Vitra, and VP President of Poltrona Frau US. Prior to this, she renewed Finnish design standouts in fashion, brands such as Nanso and Grünstein.

Henna Helander is a widely networked manager and a versatile, in-depth connoisseur and visionary of architecture, construction and housing, a brand expert on responsibility, a municipal expert and an entrepreneur.

Henna Helander is especially known as the long-term president of the Finnish Architects’ Association, the savior and first CEO of the Paimio Sanatorium, and the architect who led the transformation of WeeGee-talo/EMMA, from a factory to a cultural house, and the former chief architect of the city of Helsinki.

Henna Helander’s special expertise is systemic change, the possibilities of the upheaval caused by the climate crisis in construction and innovation, digitalization in a broad sense, NewBauhaus and the hidden potential of architecture.

Anu Kauppi has long experience in the culture and events industry. She has worked in marketing, communication, sponsorship and sales, e.g. for the Helsinki Festival and Live Nation. Currently Anu Kauppi works as the Commercial Director of the Finnish Olympic Committee and has responsibilities on the boards of e.g. SPOT ry, Cirko and Event Industries ry.


Design shop

Visitors of Finlandia Hall have often wished a shop where they can conveniently acquire a souvenir or gift to take home amidst their event, congress, or concert experience. We are pleased to announce that a design shop will open in Finlandia Hall at the turn of the year 2025. The architecture, design, and details of Finlandia Hall have been taken into account in the selection of the future store. Unique Aalto Collection products, timeless classics, and contemporary design objects that evoke imagery of the Finnish landscape, striking beauty, and merge with the Finnish identity will be at the heart of the product range.

The design shop will be open daily and can be found at the northern end of Finlandia Hall, just before entering the new wine café. Exhibition visitors finish their tour by visiting the store.


Wine Cafe

Culture and art come together in the renovated spaces of Finlandia Hall. The new wine café offers a warm and cozy atmosphere that invites relaxation. The wine café serves high-quality, seasonal food items daily from an all-day menu. The stunning interior and views encourage guests to linger longer, accompanied by fine wines. From the self-serving counter, guests can pick up high-quality savory and sweet products to enjoy on the terrace overlooking Töölönlahti Bay. Adjacent to the café, a design shop will offer products from small Finnish design brands as well as, naturally, Aalto products, perfect for taking home as souvenirs.



For the first time, the legendary Finlandia Hall will host a restaurant serving modern cuisine three nights a week. The menu is primarily based on Finnish ingredients and flavors, although Mediterranean and Nordic influences may also be seen in the restaurant’s offerings. The menu evolves with the seasons, reflecting seasonal variations. The atmosphere is enhanced by Alvar Aalto’s unique architecture and design, as well as the original furniture of Finlandia Hall.


The new accommodation facilities at Finlandia Hall offer a unique opportunity to experience Finnish design and architecture up close. Two carefully restored apartments, one for two people and the other for four people, are now being opened to the public for booking for the first time.

These residences, with direct access from Hesperian Park, surround guests with Finnish design and materials, provide an unique experience in the heart of Helsinki.

The original residential rooms, designed by Alvar Aalto, have been renovated in conjunction with the refurbishment, adhering to the original plans as closely as possible and preserving as many original elements as possible. The planning and implementation of the refurbishment were carried out by architects NRT Oy.

The apartments will be available for public booking for the first time in January 2025. We will provide information about the booking channel later on.


  • 2 separate apartments
  • One bedroom, kitchenette, living room, shower room / 45m2
  • One bedroom, kitchenette, living room, shower room / 57m2