FINLANDIA CAFÉ is open Mo-Fri 9-18
The spacious, bright, modern, and stylish design of FINLANDIA CAFÉ – together with its location in the centre of Helsinki – provides a perfect setting for a coffee or snack with friends or colleagues.
Gallery Veranda is open Mon-Fri 9am - 6pm.
Gallery Veranda is free and open to all. Exhibitions here are a great reason to stop off at Finlandia Hall and enjoy our unique milieu and service.
Safe Finlandia Hall
Finlandia Hall cooperates with the authorities, monitors the coronavirus situation and complies with the instructions of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and other authorities.

Fantastic Experiences and World Leading Events

Alvar Aalto is known to have said that "the most beautiful and central location in Helsinki needs a building that is worth it". He craved to create something fantastic, fanciable – and of course functional. So why not something that you could call Finlandia Hall.
A truly unique work of art was born: something that has not been created just for admiration, but first and foremost to be used and utilized. Finlandia Hall welcomes people who crave experiences, offering an unequalled setting for magical events.
An event is supposed to leave an impression and create an experience. Our ambition is that guests go home with deeply-impressed hearts and souls. Actually, this is not an aim. It's a promise.
The Finlandia Hall, designed by world-famous architect Alvar Aalto, is an international, unique classic of architecture and design.