Dreams – Jussi Hellsten

Welcome to the “Dreams” photo exhibition!

Jussi Hellsten, an award-winning photographer and director, spent two weeks in May 2023 as a volunteer for the Abilis Foundation, documenting the lives of disabled people in Abilis program countries Ethiopia and Mozambique.
The collaborative photo exhibition “Dreams” is on display at Pikku-Finlandia 3.4.-30.4.2024.
The exhibition tells the dreams and aspirations of people with disabilities in the Global South.
“This photo exhibition is about them, not about me.”
“The situation of disabled people in the Global South is extremely challenging. Many have experienced discrimination, neglect, and violence. Obtaining information about their rights from governmental authorities can be difficult or, in some cases, impossible.”
The artworks from the exhibition are for sale. Interested individuals can contact the Abilis Foundation. The proceeds will be used entirely to support people with disabilities in the Global South.


Monday-Friday 9-18
Saturday 11-18
Sunday closed