New Finlandia Restaurant!

Finlandia Hall has taken over management of the Finlandia restaurant. Head chef Mika Jokela scours the country to find a wide range of ingredients found all over Finland. Products for meetings and events are developed in the kitchen with solid expertise and a touch of fun.

Restaurant services for your event

The entire team at the Finlandia restaurant has decades of combined experience and unrivalled enthusiasm. Whether you’re holding a small meeting, a lunch for dozens of people, a fun cocktail party or perhaps even a gala for thousands of guests – we can help. Depending on the nature of your occasion, the Finlandia Hall’s catering restaurant can be traditional and dignified, or laid-back and casual, and sometimes bursting with colour and fantasy!

Unique moment for the customer

The Finlandia restaurant’s philosophy starts with an appreciation and respect for both the selected raw ingredient as well as the special moment that we are creating for the customer. Food brings people together, creates experiences and surprises, lifts the mood and conveys emotion. Tärkeä osa-alue keittiöpäällikkö Mika Jokelan luotsaamassa keittiötiimissä on laadukkaiden raaka-aineiden käyttö, jolloin niiden parhaat ominaispiirteet ja maut nousevat esille. Ruokafilosofiamme perusta onkin koko Suomen ruoka-aitoissa ja teemme jatkuvasti pitkäjänteistä yhteistyötä suomalaisten pientuottajien kanssa saadaksemme parhaat raaka-aineet käyttöömme.

Safe food from Finland

To the Finlandia restaurant, the domestic origin of the food means safety above all else. The customer has the right to know what they are being served, and with Finnish products, this information is readily and reliably available. If a meeting or event is being held as a hybrid or remote gathering – we can also bring catering to you!

Sales office

The Finlandia restaurant provides restaurant services for all events held at Finlandia Hall. By involving us in your event planning, you can guarantee a successful result with restaurant services supporting the theme and goals of your event.
Contact: / tel. +358 (0)9 4024 400