Finland’s Most Significant Event Venue Returns With New Services

Suomen merkittävin tapahtumatalo tekee paluun uusien palveluiden kera – KUVA: Finlandia-talo, KUVAAJA: Satu Mal
Suomen merkittävin tapahtumatalo tekee paluun uusien palveluiden kera – KUVA: Finlandia-talo, KUVAAJA: Satu Mal

The extensive renovation project of the Finlandia Hall, which began in 2022, is nearing completion. The reopening of Finlandia Hall with its events and new services will enhance the appeal of downtown Helsinki as a destination for events and leisure. The comprehensive renovation is proceeding on schedule and within budget.

The magnificent Finlandia Hall will once again open to the public and host significant international events in January 2025. This reopening is a significant design and cultural achievement for Helsinki and Finland, enhancing their attractiveness. The Finlandia Hall will feature exciting exhibitions, new restaurant concepts, and original accommodation spaces now open to the public for the first time.

“The City of Helsinki eagerly anticipates the reopening of Finlandia Hall. For the city, the renovation is an investment in a thriving conference city and the vibrant Töölönlahti area. It is also the city’s largest single economic investment in built cultural heritage and the preservation of Alvar Aalto’s architecture. We trust that the renewed Finlandia Hall with its exhibitions will attract a much larger audience of residents and visitors. It was delightful, though not surprising, that Domus Magazine named the completion of Finlandia Hall’s renovation one of the most anticipated buildings of 2024, alongside the new Beijing library and the Notre Dame Cathedral,” says Deputy Mayor Anni Sinnemäki.

Designed by Alvar Aalto and completed in 1971, Finlandia Hall is one of Finland’s most renowned modern buildings and architectural creations. However, much has changed in terms of technology, energy efficiency, and accessibility requirements over the past fifty years, so it was time to update the building while preserving its original appearance.

The renovation includes the refurbishment of the façade’s marble, the updating of the main building’s technical systems, and improvements in accessibility and energy efficiency. The worn surfaces and furnishings of the main building are also being restored to their original glory. Extensive conservation work is already halfway done, and the final stages of construction are underway.

The modernized spaces are more energy-efficient than before, thanks to new windows and exterior insulation. The building will also feature waste heat recovery, programmable LED lighting, and a solar panel system.

Moving around the building will be easier than ever

Post-renovation, the most significant changes inside include new exhibition, café, restaurant, and shop spaces. The building now has a new underground kitchen and technical rooms, enabling more diverse restaurant services and more impressive technical implementations. Accessibility has been enhanced to meet today’s standards. The Helsinki Hall is now accessible via a new lift and ramp. Additional accessible seating and induction loops have been added to the halls. There are also new accessible restrooms in the building.

Strong focus on circular economy

The renovation has aimed to reuse as much of the existing material in the building as possible. During the project, 412 doors and 213 windows have been refurbished. Over 2,000 light fixtures have been restored, with some also modernized. Approximately seven kilometers of building moldings have been removed and repurposed as base, door, and window moldings.

The building’s façade has received a new cladding made of marble from South Tyrol. Most of the dismantled marble has been recycled for reuse as raw material. The marble has been used to produce natural flooring and wall materials, with marble dust and clay as components.

The building is filled with experiences

Over the years, the timelessly stylish Finlandia Hall has become a central part of the city’s appeal as a venue for top events. Before the renovation, the Helsinki-owned Finlandia Hall hosted 900 events annually, attracting over 200,000 customers and generating approximately 50 million euros in regional economic impact per year.

Finlandia Hall Ltd. estimates that the new business concepts and content will further increase international interest in Finlandia Hall’s operations. The goal is to double the annual number of visitors. The event spaces, new restaurant concepts, and accommodation facilities will open in January 2025. The immersive exhibition, showcasing the works of Aalto, nature relationships, and internationality, will open in the summer of 2025.

“Helsinki has a critical shortage of large event venues. For the city’s international attractiveness, it is essential to compete for significant international meetings, conferences, and events, not only with a uniquely architectural building but also with new, appealing content. The building’s reopening offers a unique opportunity to experience Finnish architecture, design, and culture in a new way,” says Johanna Tolonen, CEO of Finlandia Hall.

Renovation Facts

  • The large building has a volume of 138,000 m³, equivalent to 360 single-family homes.
  • The building is protected by the Building Protection Act, and the project’s planning has involved consultation with the National Board of Antiquities and the Alvar Aalto Foundation.
  • The planning is managed by the City of Helsinki’s Urban Environment Division. The planning and construction organization includes 38 people. The project management contractor has employed nearly 300 people simultaneously at its peak. Skanska is the contractor.
  • The renovation will be completed in autumn 2024, and the renewed Finlandia Hall will reopen to the public in January 2025. Pikku Finlandia will continue to operate at least until 2025, serving Finlandia Hall’s event customers and the general public with a variety of services on the shore of Töölönlahti.

Additional Information:

Finlandia Hall Ltd.
Johanna Tolonen CEO
+358 40 551 3168

For questions related to the implementation of the renovation:
Heikki Korpela
Project Director Skanska Talonrakennus Oy
+358 50 3100 720

For questions related to the planning of the renovation:
Mika Heimala
Project Director Buildings and General Areas Urban Environment Division
+358 9 310 42049


1. Finland’s most significant event venue returns with new services – IMAGE: Finlandia Hall, PHOTOGRAPHER: Satu Mali
2. The public wine café offers a view of Töölönlahti – IMAGE: Finlandia Hall, PHOTOGRAPHER: Satu Mali
3. Infographic of Finlandia Hall’s renovation – City of Helsinki / Architects NRT Oy