In Soulscapes – Andi Balogh

The pieces of In Soulscapes were born in the enchanting landscapes of Lapland, Finland, Northern Norway and Iceland, where nature pulsates so intensively and gives birth to majestic artworks by itself. During my trip, I strived to capture these artworks supplemented with my own visions, which were awakened in me by the spirit, atmosphere and aesthetics of places.

During the creating process, I used myself as a photographer and character. This way, all the experiences and insights that awekened in me during the journey, as well as the effects that the place itself gave me in that particular moment and state of being, are captured in the pictures. Instead of self-portraits, my aim is to depict the human figure as part of unity and to visualize the connection with the scapes of the Soul.

Photographer: Andi Balogh


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