Gallery Veranda is free and open to all. Exhibitions here are a great reason to stop off at Finlandia Hall and enjoy our unique milieu and service.
The gallery is open during Café Veranda’s opening hours Mon-Fri 9-19.


15.5.-29.6. Marja-Liisa Torniainen

No man is an island – We are interconnected

The inhabitants of the Tampere Reception Centre are models in the photographs of Marja-Liisa Torniainen. In these works, children play the most important role. No man is an island makes a statement for families.The idea of mankind and nature as one organic whole is the message of the text of John Donne: if we are mishandling nature or our neighbours, we are mishandling ourselves at the same time. Connections between human beings create a living network. These connections come alive when we are looking at persons in artworks — even those are from what era. Marja-Liisa Torniainen’s photography exhibition is a cooperation between the artist and the inhabitants of the Kauppi Reception Centre. It is part of the research project Making Spaces of Justice Across East-West Divide funded by the Kone Foundation.


3.7.-10.8. Jouni Onnela
Concerto – Sculptures, paintings

Jouni Onnela is a sculptor working in Helsinki. In his horse sculpture, he describes the communication that the horse honestly and transparently shows with its gestures and body language. He has learned to interpret this communication during his long riding career and working with his own horse. The strong expression and movement of contemporary dance inspire him, too. Dance theme sculptures often lie between the abstract and the expressive. He also does paintings, often based on sketchings of sculptures.


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