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The Crossing
The Crossing Exhibition is a trip to the mental landscape of four painters living in Finland. 
Lailahelena Lepistö (Asikkala) describes with her works how nature suffers when a man rapes it. 
The dark themes of Kari Onkari (Siilinjärvi) do not leave anyone cold. Taina Kemppi (Riihimäki) has 
a naive and surreal combination of human and animal characters. In her works, Sanna Pynnönen 
(Laukaa) describes the mental disorders of a mental health rehabber. 
The exhibition is organized by Mielentaide ry
Art and play are derived from the same source, time flies and everything is possible. In this exhibition Satu Laurel has been playing around with utopias and dreams. The jungles of imagination are explored; butterflies tamed and lost worlds found.  Child-like playfulness is easily lost in everyday life, but can be found is surprising places.
Satu Laurel is an artist working in Vantaa and has had several exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Her works are in private and public collections. She combines expressive and traditional painting techniques to compose art full of beauty and sublime. Her works are also a fusion of playfulness and symbolism with a multitude of fine details.

Exhibitions are managed by their organisers and works are sometimes available for purchase.