Gallery Veranda is free and open to all. Exhibitions here are a great reason to stop off at Finlandia Hall and enjoy our unique milieu and service.
The gallery is open during Café Veranda’s opening hours Mon-Fri 9-19.



23.10.-14.11. Claudia Lincopán-Honkamäki
Colores de Chile

Mrs. Claudia Lincopán-Honkamäki is an chilean artist who lives in Finland. She has been doing oil paintings and has created a perfect combination of colours and images that represent the people of the south of Chile. Mrs. Lincopán  is from the south and has indigenous roots that are represented in her work, for example the Mapuche Flag that is a part of her collection. She honors her roots and Chile.
20.11.-20.12. Satu Wallenius
Power Animals
According to native peoples, we each have a powerful animal that is passing by and we have a special connection to it. My power animals are from Finnish nature and they bring me much energy and joy. I want to create a beautiful and meaningful art, to capture the movements of those sensitive creatures and delicate colors as a beautiful whole artwork.
In order to be able to do so, keep quiet in nature, but while painting, keep classic music in the background, so that we can get our powerfull animals dance on canvas.
 I create beautiful and unusual Art of  Finnish Nature - Satu Wallenius



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