Gallery Veranda is free and open to all. Exhibitions here are a great reason to stop off at Finlandia Hall and enjoy our unique milieu and service.
The gallery is open during Café Veranda’s opening hours Mon-Fri 9-19.


3.7.-10.8. Jouni Onnela
Concerto – Sculptures, paintings

Jouni Onnela is a sculptor working in Helsinki. In his horse sculpture, he describes the communication that the horse honestly and transparently shows with its gestures and body language. He has learned to interpret this communication during his long riding career and working with his own horse. The strong expression and movement of contemporary dance inspire him, too. Dance theme sculptures often lie between the abstract and the expressive. He also does paintings, often based on sketchings of sculptures.


14.8.-14.9. Aukusti Tuhka (opening 13.8. at 6 pm)


17.9.-19.10. Eero Jääskeläinen
Pictura Luce Effecta - Light paintings
Pictura Luce Effecta is Latin and means a light painting. The photography exhibition by Eero Jääskeläinen is centered around this theme and brings out the painting and graphic side of a photograph. The abstract style exhibition is the debut exhibition in Helsinki for Jääskeläinen.
Jääskeläinen is a native of Nurmes North Karelia and works as a graphic designer in Helsinki.

Exhibitions are managed by their organisers and works are sometimes available for purchase.