Versatile conference catering

In conference catering, we focus on the freshness of products, attractive presentation, healthiness, and versatility. Conference catering can offer new flavors, themed ensembles, lightness and trendy combinations.

A conference lunch can be served in style at tables, set up comfortably as a buffet, or even in a relaxed street food spirit. Conference coffee can be a coffee buffet with seasonal products, or pastries and cookies of your choice. We would be happy to design catering for your event that both suits its purpose and takes special diets into consideration.

A Cocktail event at the end of the meeting day provides an opportunity for networking and spending time together. Let our kitchen surprise you, or tell us the theme of the meeting day, and together we will design a catering package that supports the goals of your event.

Finlandia restaurant’s climate-friendly conference

As a responsible event house, we also want to offer our customers the opportunity for a climate-friendly conference that promotes sustainable development and a cleaner environment. Catering for a climate conference is designed in a way where vegetarian food takes more of a center stage and seasonal ingredients are highlighted. In addition, we utilize high-quality organic raw materials and make fish choices responsibly under the guidance of the WWF Sustainable Seafood guide. Conference catering in climate-friendly events will not include red meat.

Make a difference by choosing a climate-friendly conference at the Finlandia Hall!

You can also find pre-planned service packages that combine facilities, technology and catering in our conference packages!

Family celebration, student union anniversary, staff kick off or gala dinner?

The diverse offerings of Finnish producers, high-quality raw ingredients and the joy of creating things yourself form the basic pillars of Finlandia Restaurant’s food philosophy. Your choice can be a pre-planned set of menus or a unique tasting journey adapted to the theme of your occasion together with our kitchen. It is our pleasure to create an exceptional meal that is detailed according to your wishes and will be the crowning glory of your celebration!

The topic of the celebration may be grand or small and it can be anything from a free-form gathering to a polished gala dinner. The Finlandia restaurant has know-how for all kinds of situations, but also the courage to create something completely new. Successful catering will add to the festive spirit of your guests and keep your celebration a topic of conversation for a long time to come. Challenge us to organize a memorable celebration day for you!

When planning a celebration, you can also choose from our pre-planned banquet package!

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