Finland  Wish you were here

Finland is one of the happiest countries in the world. Even if the modest Finns often joke about it, The UN World Happiness Report ranked Finland number one both in 2018 and 2019. And Finland does offer a lot to be happy about  there's beautiful nature everywhere and Finland is famous for its thousands of lakes and forests. Even in the biggest cities you're never far from charming nature. In coastal cities like Helsinki, numerous islands are accessible for day trips.

But nature is only half of the story; the modern cities offer all the services and technology you might need for your event and for a pleasant stay. Finland takes pride in being a place where innovators and great minds meet, a land of science and culture. Being also one of the safest countries in the world, Finland offers a perfect setting for any international event.

At home in Helsinki

Helsinki is a modern Nordic capital with charming architecture that's a mixture of old and new, east and west. One of the most pleasurable aspects of Helsinki is the fact that the sea is never far. The Gulf of Finland, the eastern part of the Baltic Sea, plays an important role in Helsinki life and is a part of every visitor's Helsinki experience.

A cruise around the archipelago is an amazing way to spend a few hours on a summer day and visiting the Suomenlinna fortress or one of the numerous islands nearby offers beaches, camping, swimming and sun. Wintertime has its own unique experiences: take a walk on the frozen sea (or the Töölö Bay outside Finlandia Hall), go ice skating or, if you're brave enough, a swim through a hole in the ice. If it gets too cold, public saunas can be found all over Helsinki to recover.

It's not all just relaxing in quiet nature, however. Finns may seem reserved, but they also know how to party. Helsinki is a vibrant city full of life, and there are restaurants, nightclubs, art galleries, concert venues and everything any exciting city needs. Central Helsinki is also compact enough to explore on foot.

Töölö Bay and Finlandia Hall

Finlandia Hall and the surrounding Töölö Bay are right in central Helsinki, but the idyllic park offers open spaces and nature that you wouldn't expect in the middle of the city. We take great pride in this beautiful area and our place in it. That's why we take environmental issues so seriously. Read more about our work for the environment here.

The city life isn't any further  hotels, restaurants and nightlife are a short walk away. The neighbourhood is a perfect combination of both worlds. In a way, the Töölö Bay area is a microcosm that perfectly represents the whole Finland. The combination of beautiful unspoiled nature and modern Nordic city life.

The Töölö Bay is the centre of culture in Helsinki. Finlandia Hall is surrounded by many prestigious institutions; Finnish National Opera and Ballet, Central Library Oodi and the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, to name a few. Read more about the Töölö Bay area here.

Getting around is easy. If you need to go further than walking distance, the public transport trams and buses stop just outside Finlandia Hall, and the railway station and nearby bus terminals guarantee easy access to the airport and anywhere in Finland.

Finlandia Hall's unique architecture and beautiful surroundings make it the finest conference facility in Finland. With decades of experience in hosting events for world leaders, music superstars, large corporations and lovers of culture, we know how to offer all the services required for a successful high-profile event.

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