We can provide a wide range of specialist services for meetings, congresses, concerts, exhibitions, and public events.

Our professional event coordinators and hosts will help you plan and organise your events to get the most out of them. They also act as your personal contact with Finlandia Hall.

Our solutions are designed to meet organisers’ most demanding needs. We offer a very extensive range of fittings and furnishings, for example, and give space that all-important final touch with greenery, flowers, and other decoration. Flags and branding inside and out can also be provided, together with the latest in lighting, sound systems, and ICT.

Our technical service specialists work closely with our event coordinators to fine-tune technical systems and ensure they deliver everything an event needs.

Our event solutions can also be extended to include other services, such as personal assistants, extra security, and catering services.

Finlandia Hall’s hosts are responsible for handling customer service needs during events and ensuring that events go off successfully, down to the smallest detail – exactly as you want them to.

Our technical services

Congresses, concerts, exhibitions, and public events at Finlandia Hall all benefit from our specialist expertise. Our lighting, sound, AV, and ICT professionals ensure that everything we offer works on the day.

Technical services

  • Lighting
  • Sound systems
  • Data links
  • Data projectors
  • Plasma TVs, video and DVD players
  • Fixed and moveable interpreters’ booths and equipment
  • Announcement system
  • Other services