Festive and funky

Finlandia Hall is one of Finland's leading concert venues and the main auditorium is the space in which Alvar Aalto's architectural vision has been realized to the fullest. The inspiring surroundings have seen numerous events from classical music to all styles and genres. Throughout its history, Finlandia Hall has hosted a range of shows from ABBA to Frank Zappa, Chuck Berry and Björk.

Finlandia Hall provides the technology and services tailored to the needs of all concerts. Our dedicated staff takes care of the rest and makes sure that the performer and the audience have an experience they won't soon forget.

The hall is an experience in itself. The spacious facilities allow for arranging even the most demanding events. The foyer  known as the Piazza  offers a splendid view over the Töölö Bay Park.

Concert packages

Our large concert venue, Finlandia Hall, seats 1,700 people  or 1,200 on the floor alone. The concert package includes all the necessities: the event sound system, hall lighting and stage furniture. In addition to the concert hall, the Piazza foyer, orchestra foyer and five musician dressing rooms are included in the package.

You will also have the services of our events coordinator and a technical specialist to help you make sure that everything runs smoothly. Lobby and door services are also included. We organize cloak room services and offer various levels of security services according to your needs.

If your event needs a little extra power and energy, we can offer expanded PA system and lighting packages, stage risers, smoke effects and lighting of the outside walls and the entrance. Special furniture and concert grand piano are also available. If needed, we can offer data projectors, ICT services, and the opportunity to film and record the event. All events also get marketing visibility on Finlandia Hall's website.

Read more about the concert packages.

Catering and refreshments

Finlandia Restaurant produces restaurant services for all events taking place in the Finlandia Hall. Our strengths are individual planning for all events, friendly service and the taste experiences provided by our world-class kitchen. 

More info about Show & Dinner services and VIP menus from our sales team.

Helsinki Hall for smaller concerts

Smaller events can be held in our Helsinki Hall, suitable for an audience up to 340 persons.

The auditorium offers a truly unique atmosphere, as the audience surrounds the stage from three sides. The hall's foyer serves as a multi-functional space for events, acting as a place for food and drinks or for breaks and intermissions.

Contact our sales office to find out more about concert packages and additional services. We will help you organize a concert that will be remembered.