#KIELI2019 conference


Organiser: Finnish Language Service Providers SKY

#KIELI2019 means LANGUAGE2019 and, the conference will focus on language and language services in 2019 and beyond. SKY represents Finnish language service providers and language service providers operating in Finland. One of its main goals is to increase the visibility of language services and the companies that offer them.

The theme for the #KIELI2019 conference is "LANGUAGE BUSINESS – BUSINESS FROM LANGUAGE". This year’s theme highlights the significant role language plays in the business world at a time when multilingualism has become part of the everyday activities of many companies and a key to business success.

#KIELI2019 will feature interesting presentations and discussions for companies as well as customers and experts working as partners. The conference is an opportunity for you to gather information, forge new business relationships, and develop your company’s operations.