Architectural masterpiece

Finlandia Hall is one the most important architectural attractions in Helsinki. Alvar Aalto’s design was finished in 1971 in its beautiful central location by the Töölö Bay. The white Carrara marble facade, in contrast with black granite, makes it one of the most beautiful buildings in Helsinki. The building was inspired by the European cultural tradition, resembling Venetian palaces by the water. The building complements the surrounding park and forms an almost unbroken link with the local landscape. The futuristic look hasn’t lost its appeal over the decades.

As the name indicates, Finlandia Hall was designed to be a symbol for Finland. Aalto originally made plans for the whole Töölö Bay area in 1962. His impressive plan was never fully completed, but Finlandia Hall is still the prestigious centrepiece of the area, surrounded by other cultural institutions.

Iconic interior

Aalto designed Finlandia Hall, like many of his buildings, as a complete work of art including the interior. The lights, door handles, chairs and other furniture were designed by Aalto and his architect bureau. They constitute an essential part of the full masterpiece known as Finlandia Hall and definitely make the inside of the building worth a visit as well.

The interior includes many typical Aalto features, such as asymmetrical forms and natural materials. White marble is also used on the inside in bigger staircases, the concert hall and the foyers, which were also inspired by the architecture of ancient Italy and Greece.

According to Aalto’s vision, the main focus should be on the people: the performers and the members of the audience. The architecture should offer the perfect setting and create the right mood for the event, but not steal the show.

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Guided tours

Take a guided tour to see more unique details and learn more about Finlandia Hall and Aalto’s work. Guided tours are arranged regularly for the public. Details on these can be found here. Staff at the Service Point – located at the entrance on Mannerheimintie, doors M4 and K4 – can provide additional information on how you can get to know us better.

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