Versatile meeting and conference catering

In meeting, conference and banquet catering, we focus on the freshness of products, attractive presentation, healthiness, and versatility. Catering can offer new flavors, themed ensembles, lightness and trendy combinations.

A Cocktail event at the end of the meeting day provides an opportunity for networking and spending time together. Let our kitchen surprise you, or tell us the theme of the meeting day, and together we will design a catering package that supports the goals of your event.


Our restaurant’s philosophy starts with an appreciation and respect for both the selected raw ingredient as well as the special moment that we are creating for the customer. Food brings people together, creates experiences and surprises, lifts the mood and conveys emotion. The diverse offerings of Finnish producers, high-quality raw ingredients and the joy of creating things yourself form the basic pillars of our kitchen’s food philosophy. Your choice can be a pre-planned set of menus or a unique tasting journey adapted to the theme of your occasion together with our kitchen.


As a responsible event house, we also want to offer our customers the opportunity for responsible catering that promotes sustainable development and a cleaner environment. In responsible catering vegetarian food takes more of a center stage and seasonal ingredients are highlighted.  The customer has the right to know what they are being served, and with Finnish products, this information is readily and reliably available. In addition, we utilize high-quality organic raw materials and make fish choices responsibly.

Mika Jokela is responsible for Finlandia restaurant’s food design. While crafting our menus, he values domestic ingredients and producers over all others. Various products for meetings and events are developed in his kitchen with solid professionalism and a twinkle in the eye. Our kitchen manager’s unique Taste of Finlandia tasting tour has already conquered the international media world, being featured in Little Finlandia. Try it for yourself and ask more / tel. +358 (0)9 4024 400