BBC World Questions Helsinki

"I am London-based, and needed to find a venue for an event we were hosting in Helsinki. I carried out desk-top research (google searches) for potential venue spaces and found among many Finlandia Hall to be a possible option. I then visited Finlandia Hall in March 2019 to look at a selection of venues across Helsinki and found Finlandia Hall to be the very best option. It did not disappoint - an excellent venue with a fantastic team of hard working staff who were wonderful to work with.

Essi Leivo was my main contact point for all planning and organising for our event at Finlandia Hall, and I must say how excellent Essi has been to work with. I work with a lot of venues all over the world (to deliver our radio debate series) and Essi has been the most efficient and helpful contact I've ever had the pleasure to liaise with. I cannot fault the planning, shaping and delivering of our event thanks to Essi's vigilance - it's much appreciated."

Elizabeth Bracegirdle