Currently we support
Sponsored child
Finlandia Hall participates in World Vision’s sponsorship program by sponsoring a child’s life in Peru.
Finnish Red Cross Blood Service
Part of our personnel voluntarily support FRC’s work by donating blood regularly.
WWF Finland
We have supported WWF Finland through our Green Office operation by allowing them to use our meeting facilities free of charge twice a year. The previous event was organized in Veranda on 30 September 2014. The Living Planet 2014 Report was published in the event. Living Planet Reports summarize the effects of human activity on the diversity of nature. 
Climate Partners 
We have joined Climate Parters network which is ruled by the City of Helsinki. Due to this we have set climate targets. Our climate target is to reduce 8 % from the amount of our energy waist by the year 2022. In cleaning and real estate service, work is ruled by sustainable development's guide lines, and most of the cleaning detergents are environmental friendly. Finlandia restaurant belongs to Ekocentria's stairs to organic program, in level five, and it aims to increase the organic raw material produced by organic or close-producers in restaurant services.
“Culture cleans the environment” event
The “Culture cleans the environment” event originated from Finlandia Hall’s personnel’s idea to address the current state and natural diversity of the Töölö Bay, by which the building is located, and to increase collaboration among the area’s operators. The cleaning event is organized annually in the spring when nature awakens from its wintery slumber. The event has become popular and highly-anticipated among our collaboration partners, and the spring bee acts as a spring opening event for everyone who participates in it.
The fundamental idea is based on the will to do good together, to combine efforts and make the Töölö Bay Park pleasant for everyone who spends time there as well as to show our respect for the area’s plant life and diversity. 
We warmly welcome you to participate!