For Finlandia Hall, social responsibility is a commitment to society. We pursue it in all of our operations, taking into account various ecological, social and financial perspectives. In short, everything we do supports sustainable development.  

Environmental responsibility

We are committed to selecting environmentally friendly energy options (including district cooling) for all our spaces and to following green ICT policies. The heating, air conditioning and the lighting of the property are controlled individually for each space. Energy-efficient and LED lights provide our lighting. We follow ISO 14001 environmental management system in all our cooperation.

Finlandia Hall transfers to solar power
180 solar panels are installed on the Finlandia Hall´s roof. The electricity provided by the system is estimated to cover on the sunniest summer days a maximum of 20-25 percent of Finlandia Hall’s total monthly energy consumption. Solar energy production is practically at zero from November to January, but production evens out over the summer months thanks to longer days and cool temperatures. The annual production of solar energy in southern Finland closely resembles that of northern Germany.
Finlandia Hall is among the first event centres in Europe to utilise solar energy for the energy needed in the premises. The decision to install solar panels is in line with Finlandia Hall’s long-term strategy to invest in energy efficiency and environmentally friendly actions.


Air-conditioning temperatures and circulation power are controlled automatically based on the number of participants at each event. Some of our air conditioning units are capable of recycling cooled air, and we make use of this feature as effectively as possible. When the facilities are not in use, the air conditioning is switched off or left to a minimum. Our air conditioning system uses environmentally friendly filters, which use recycled plastic in their frames. In the future, we may be able to generate some of our energy with solar panels. 

Our water consumption is minimised though the use of automatic faucets, dual-flush toilets and waterless urinals. We have mostly replaced paper towels with cloth towels and hand dryers. Our furniture is made from natural materials and built to endure the test of time. We favor environmentally friendly materials and products manufactured from recycled goods.

Restaurants services
We opt for seasonal and local products in our restaurant services when possible. The Finlandia restaurant is operated by Kanresta, which, as a subsidiary of the healt organisation Suomen Kansanterveys ry, is strongly committed to promoting social responsibility. The organisation serves as a support structure for its member societies Lastentautien tutkimussäätiö (The Society for Pedriatic Researc), the Finnish Association for Mental Healt, the Finnish Heart Association and the Central Union for the Welfare of the Aged.

Sita Suomi Oy is our partner in waste management and recycling. All waste generated at Finlandia Hall is always sorted and recycled in the best way possible. We require all our partners to commit to sustainable development policies.

Ecological Event
We are happy to provide guidance in organizing ecological events and can give event organisers recommendations on optimal products and materials to ensure sustainable development. Our central location in the heart of Helsinki is easy to find, even for visitors who are unfamiliar with the area.

Finlandia Hall meets the criteria of the WWF’s Green Office environmental initiative. Read more about Green Office at Finlandia Hall here.

Social responsibility

For us, social responsibility begins with ideas and altitudes and must always be part of all we do. Our approach is centered on customer focus, craftsmanship, experience, responsibility and team spirit. 

The well-being of our personnel and our emphasis on expertise is one of the elements of our success. Our personnel is very committed to working at Finlandia Hall. This has led to long-term employment relationships and increased number of job applications, and has made Finlandia Hall a very sought after place internships.

The desire to do good is evident in our commitment to a variety of charitable projects such as protective charity project for the Baltic Sea Action Group and Töölö Bay cleaning event known as Culture cleans environment. Charity projects are reviewd on a yearly basis.

Economical responsibility

The economical use of financial resources is an imperative for Finlandia Hall Ltd -not only due to the cost impacts but also to ensure socially responsible relationships with our customers, business partners and other interest groups. We act in a profitable, competitive, effective and economical manner, with a focus on saving natural resources. 

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